Body Postures

If you have chronic pain, that can lend itself to bad body postures. This turns into a viscous cycle because a bad posture can cause that chronic pain to increase. Whether you have a suffered a spinal injury from a motor vehicle accident or recurring pain from fibromyalgia or a sports injury, the professionals at SquareOne Physiotherapy can help. Addressing the underlying cause of your pain, coupled with posture correction treatments, will have you on the way to being pain-free in no time.

When you walk in the door of SquareOne Physio for the first time, you are greeted warmly and will be thoroughly assessed. A plan of treatment will then be designed especially for you. There are a variety of different treatment options that may be recommended. These include physiotherapy, decompression, massage therapy, and acupuncture. In addition to your base treatment, we will incorporate different exercises to help improve your body posture. Yoga is one popular plan of action that has been proven to improve body postures by strengthening your core muscles. Your physiotherapist will teach you the right methods to get your muscles strong and improve your posture which, in turn, will help to control pain you are experiencing.

Proper body postures can go by the wayside if you are experiencing chronic pain. Our professionals will address both issues, your pain as well as your posture. Sometimes chronic back pain can be corrected with simple posture exercises. Once your posture has been adjusted, you may very will find that your pain disappears. For more severe conditions such as a traumatic injury, we will determine the best course of action for your individual circumstance. Gentle posture exercises will be added to your treatment plan to ensure the relief you feel will last. Maintaining proper posture will help to avoid back issues in the future. Your therapist will give you exercises you can do at home that will help with your posture.

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