Hot Stone Massage Therapy

Hot stone massage is a therapy in which warmed stones are placed on certain parts of the body. Once put in place, the warmed stones are used by the therapist as massage tools. A person can enjoy a number of significant benefits through hot stone massage therapy.


In the hustle and bustle of the 21st century, a stark reality is that relaxation can be very hard to come by. A true benefit of hot stone massage therapy is that it provides a person the ability to thoroughly relax. Indeed, a person is able to enjoy complete relaxation during the course of a massage session as well as afterwards. The relaxing nature of hot stone massage therapy carries forward as a person returns to his or her daily routine.

Stress Reduction

Another key benefit associated with hot stone massage therapy, that is connected to its ability to relax, is its propensity to reduce a person’s stress level. Unabated stress contributes to a variety of very serious health conditions. Hot stone massage therapy provides a natural method through which a person is able to live a far healthier life.

Back, Shoulder and Muscular Pain

Hot stone massage therapy has been demonstrated effective at aiding in the reducing of certain types of pain. Hot stone massage therapy can assist in relieving back, shoulder and muscular pain (in different bodily locations). Indeed, regular massage sessions with hot stones has assisted individuals in enjoying a freedom from pain that they had not been able to experience through other means of treatment, including pain medications.

Circulatory Problems

Age and other conditions can cause an individual to have less than ideal circulation. These types of conditions also respond positively to hot stone massage therapy for many individuals. This includes people who suffer from age related as well as disease based circulatory issues.


Obtaining an appropriate amount of sleep is crucial to maintaining an overall healthy lifestyle. Many people find themselves struggling with insomnia. Frequently, they can be seen turning to sleep aids that many times carry significantly negative side effects. On the other hand, hot stone massage therapy provides a natural way to combat insomnia.