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October 24th, 2017

Chiropodist Services

Professional Assistance from an Experienced Chiropodist to Combat Foot Pain

At different stages in life, people can find themselves dealing with pain associated with their feet. There are an array of different causes of foot pain which can be addressed through professional intervention by a qualified, experienced chiropodist. Square One Physio has a team of professionals licensed and duly registered with the Ontario Society of Chiropodists.

Common Causes of Foot Pain

Some of the most common causes of foot pain occur because of the way a person uses his or her feet or generally treats these appendages. For example, various types of high impact exercises are commonly the cause of foot pain, including severe cases of that type of discomfort. Other culprits that contribute to foot pain for many individuals are poor fitting shoes used by people of both sexes and high heeled shoes worn by women. People need to bear in mind that ill fitting or high heeled shoes can end up causing permanent damage to a person’s feet. Poor posture also contributes to foot pain in some cases. In addition to these use-based foot pain, a number of diseases and significant medical conditions can result in foot pain, including severe foot pain. These include gout, diabetes, arthritis and peripheral vascular disease.

Treatment of Foot Pain

The chiropodists at Square One Physio provide patients a comprehensive array of treatment options. The experienced chiropodists develop a uniquely individualized course of treatment for each and every patient. A key to undertaking an effective course of treatment for foot pain is early intervention. For example, if foot pain is the symptom of some sort of disease, early intervention can permit the commencement of an effective course of treatment before the condition worsens.

Seek Prompt Assistance from a Square One Physio Chiropodist

Because foot pain can be the symptom of a very serious disease or medical condition, a person suffering from this type of significant discomfort should waste no time in booking an appointment for a thorough examination from one of our Chiropodists. In addition, scheduling an appointment during the early stages of foot pain works to ensure that the discomfort does not become worse, even virtually debilitating.