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Cervical Spine Pain: Identifying the Cause and Implementing Proper Treatment

Cervical vertebrae lateralAn Overview of Cervical Spine Pain: Identifying the Cause and Implementing Proper Treatment
In basic terms, the cervical spine area in the human body is that at a person's neck. The cervical spine includes discs that provide a natural cushion for the vertebrae that comprise the cervical spine -- indeed, the entire spine.

A variety of diseases, conditions and problems can cause pain to radiate or originate from the cervical spine area. These include everything from the aging process itself to trauma or injury to a serious disease. In some cases, a combination of underlying factors jointly contribute to cervical spine pain.

Properly Identifying Pain Associated with the Cervical Spine

cervical shoulder painA common cliché involves something or another being a pain in the neck. Although pain associated with the cervical spine can express itself in a person's neck itself, there are many instances in which pain associated with a cervical spine issues manifests elsewhere. Pain and discomfort associated with a cervical spine issue, disease or condition can also manifest itself in a person's shoulders and arms. In addition, a cervical spine issue may not necessarily cause pain, but rather numbness in the neck, shoulders or along the arms.

Treatment of Cervical Spine Pain

Individuals in the United States suffering from pain caused by a cervical spine issue or problem oftentimes resort to medications, including prescription drugs. In addition, they also tend to access more invasive treatments that may be necessary in many cases.

The reality is that physiotherapy, including massage, can prove to be highly effective at addressing pain and other symptoms associated with a cervical spine issue. Indeed, a consistent course of professional physiotherapy oftentimes provides long term and consistent relief from pain for a person afflicted with a cervical spine issue.

A physiotherapist is able to develop a comprehensive treatment regimen for a person afflicted with a condition in the cervical spine that is causing pain. Each patient is provided with a unique course of therapy and treatment specific to that individual's unique needs, goals and objectives.

When a person is afflicted with pain in the neck, shoulders or arms (or suffers from numbness, particularly on a persistent basis), taking a proactive stance is crucial. By taking a proactive approach to pain management, a person is able to obtain relief from that pain more quickly. In addition, a proactive consultation with a professional like a physiotherapist is a vital step to ensure that a serious disease is not the underlying cause of the cervical spine problem.