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Sports Injuries Physio Treatment

No matter how physically fit a person is, sports injuries can still happen, resulting in pain and a long recovery period. The professionals at Square One Physio have extensive experience in dealing with injury assessment and rehab, including that associated with the sports.


Shin Splints

Shin splints occur when a runner intensifies training by running longer distances or on different surfaces. The injury presents as pain in the lower part of the leg and can be treated with an advice from a physiotherapist and rest.

shin splints
strained hamstring

Strained Hamstring

The hamstring is made up of three muscles on the back of the leg and thigh. Overstretching from kicking or falling motions cause the hamstring to become strained. This injury is not only painful, it is slow to heal because the same muscles are used for walking.


Ankle Sprain

Most people who exercise regularly experience a sprained ankle at some point. This sprain occurs when the foot turns inward and stresses the outer ligaments of the ankle. Unlike other injuries, ankle sprains heal with exercise instead of rest. A physiotherapist can advise which exercises are beneficial.


Pulled Groin

While a groin injury can happen to anyone, it is more common among professional athletes in soccer, baseball and football due to contant pushing-off motions. Rest, along with ice and compression, is the best treatment.


Tennis Elbow

Tennis players and golfers engage in repeated use of the elbow, which can irritate the tendons around the joint. Our physiotherapists can help you with recovery from tennis elbow.

Patellafemoral syndrome

Patellofemoral Syndrome

Patellofemoral syndrome occurs in runners, baskeball and volleyball players when the kneecap constantly rubs against the femur bone, causing the tissue under the kneecap to become damaged. The injury can affect one or both knees. Treatment consists of low-impact exercise as advised by a physiotherapist until the pain is resolved.


Torn ACL

The ACL refers to the anterior cruciate ligament, which is responsible for holding the knee to the leg bone. The injury occurs when the leg abruptly stops or takes a hit from the side. A complete tear is identified by a loud popping sound. An ACL tear always requires a doctor visit and possibly surgery followed by physiotherapy for pain alleviation and effective recovery.


Whether a person is a professional athlete or a weekend warrior, injuries are a possibility. Learning about the most common mishaps can aid in preparation before exercising and avoidance of pain and damage to the body.

Getting an early physiotherapist intervention can help faster recovery from sports injuries. If you or someone you know is dealing with an injury from sports activity, contact us today.

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