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excessive exercise, a hazard for your body.

                                                             "EXCESS OF EVERYTHING IS BAD" 

No doubt, working out benefits our body in many ways but doing it in excess can increase the risk of injury and have other side effects. Overexerting yourself can hurt every aspect of your life -- mentally, physically and emotionally. The physical damage caused by excessive exercise may even cause permanent damage.

Here are the 5 ways your body will let you know if you're headed for excessive work out:

  • After doing exercise, you feel exhausted rather than feeling energetic.
  • You become moody and get irritated on small things.
  • Get sick frequently or recovery time increases.
  • Need too much sleep or unable to sleep through the night.
  • You have heavy legs.

Negative impacts of over exercise:

You are more Prone To Injuries-

When you exercise excessively your body is prone to injuries.Your body gets less time for recovery which causes strain in muscles,  tendons and ligaments. This can put your bones at the risk of fracture.So, you should exercise so much which your body can support.

Muscle Mass-

You tend to lose muscle mass and your body becomes nutrition deficient.You limit your body's need for nutrition by excessive exercise and diet. This lead to female athlete triad syndrome in women.To know more about it click here

Weakened Immune System-

When you exercise excessively your body's immune system weakens. You get more prone to illness. Exercise affects your body and leaves it exhausted. Your body pains and your weakened immune system are not efficient enough to fight bacteria or other illness.

Cessation Of Menstrual Cycle-

Studies show those female athletes who face exhaustive training experience 'bone loss'. This state is Amenorrhea and if it persists for long, then it is difficult to cure. Other factors like changes in diet, excessive weight loss and stress can also cause amenorrhea.

Eating Disorders-

People who are exercise addicts and just have weight loss in mind, are prone to eating disorders. So, such people may face eating disorders like bulimia and anorexia which can be caused due to exercise addiction.

Sleeping Disorders-

You face this problem because your body feels exhaustive, lethargic and drained out. Your brain starts running at 100 miles per hour and you feel difficulty in sitting still. Everything seems heightened and your body pains because of excessive exercise.



Here are some easy steps which you should follow to stop excessive exercise:

  1. You should schedule your workout. Always note down the amount of exercise you do every day.
  2. Plan the changes you will make. For example, you may plan to exercise one day less a week at first or change the type of exercise you do so that you do not become overly exhausted.
  3. Gradually reduce the intensity and duration of your work out.
  4. Make exercise a fun and social activity.
  5. Really start to listen to your body.