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Infographic on Shin Splints – Cause, Prevention and Treatment

“Shin Splint” describes pain in the lower leg, either on the inside or outside part of the shin bone. The pain generally begins as a dull ache that cannot be pinpointed to a specific spot, but you can feel it along the length of the region where the muscle attaches to the bone.

During the initial periods, you will generally feel pain at the beginning and end of your workout session. However, over a period this discomfort becomes more intense, and you will face pain through your workouts, it may even begin when you are not working out and just doing simple things such as getting out of bed.

It is essential that you understand the causes, what you can do to prevent it and the correct treatment so that there is no disruption because of this in your life.

Take a look at the following infographic for clarity on Shin Splints.