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Is your back pain getting on your nerves?

To begin with, let’s discuss what is back pain and the reason for its occurrence...

Severe back pain is usually caused by periodic tensions on the spine and the backbone during the exercise and overall day to day activities. The spine consists of 24 backbones plus the tailbone which carries most of the body's weight. Repetitive hefty lifting, stretch or tear due to excess activity or an unexpected stumbling movement can strain spinal ligaments and back muscles. As well as poor physical well-being, continuous pressure on your spine can cause sore muscle convulsions.

There are 2 types of back pain :-

Acute back pain 
It is also known as lumbago. The lower back pain is a strong, sharp pain that abruptly rises in the area of the backbone and lasts for up to six weeks. The pain occurs abruptly and can be caused by following a vigorous activity or unsettling trauma but often is irrelative to a particular activity. It may be felt as aching, throbbing, piercing, sharp or dull. The severity may vary from moderate too critical and may waver.

Chronic back pain 
Back pain is recognized chronic if it remains for three months or more. This discomfort may include pain from an injury that endures long after the wound has healed. The chronic pain is normally less directly associated with identifiable tissue damage and structural deformities. The pain can affect any part of the human body.

The 4 main common causes of back pain 

Slipped or ruptured discs
The bones in your backbone are grouped by cushions called discs. These discs in the spine are inclined to injury. The uncertainty grows with age. It occurs when the cartilage encircling the disc becomes compressed and outer bulge or tear that causes low backache. The disc injury normally happens promptly after twisting the back or lifting something.

It arises when one vertebra shifts over the adjoining one. In this state, the backbone of the lower spine slips out of position that results in pinching the nerves. With ageing, intervertebral discs lose dampness and strength that reduces the disc length. Therefore, the discs in the vertebrae grow slimmer and the areas within the vertebrae grow smaller. 

Spinal stenosis
Spinal stenosis is the contraction of the spinal column, putting a strain on the spinal muscles and tissues that can produce distress while walking. The way underneath the spine that holds the spinal cord and tissue roots, can be squeezed by swelling discs, hardened ligaments termed as bone spurs. Due to that, the legs and shoulders reasonably feel numbed. 

Strains and tears to the muscle
The ligaments and tissues in the backbone can stretch or tear because of performing an excessive activity. Repetitive heavy lifting or an unexpected painful movement can sprain back tissues and spinal ligaments. From bending, overstretching, uplifting something inappropriately, lifting something too bulky. These actions can trigger convulsions in ligaments, tendons, and muscles that strengthen the backbone and can lead to back pain.

Symptoms that you can’t ignore…

The main indication of back pain is a sting or discomfort anywhere in the backside of the body

Signs and indications

  1. Muscle throbbing
  2. Pain that worsens with bending, lifting, standing or walking
  3. Tenacious back pain even when lying down or resting 
  4. Pain that spreads down your leg and that reaches below the knees
  5. Inflammation or swelling on the back

If not addressed satisfactorily within an appropriate duration of time and if the pain is overlooked, it may worsen the condition. From spinal stenosis to sciatica, quick and definitive action can save the day and the end innumerable hours of suffering from unbearable pain.

At SquareOnePhysio, we can help you to overcome the pain by our Physiotherapy service. It is a kind of practice that helps to improve the movement and function of your muscles. It focuses on exercise and posture and improves signs instantly and decreases the possibility of recurrence. 

Physiotherapists can assist you to reduce the pain and get you back to normal mobility through the usage of an extensive range of treatments and techniques. Ultimately, that helps with the reduction of the chances of injuring the backbone again.

Read more about the services that we offer and get rid of the pain that is causing stress in your life.