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Lower back pain: How can Physiotherapy help

About 4 out of every 5 Canadians have experienced Lower Back pain at some point of their lives. It is one of the most common reasons for people missing work and seeing a doctor or a physiotherapist. With early identification of the problem and taking action accordingly can help lower the consequences significantly. Please watch the adjoining video which explains the most common reasons behind Lower Back Pain.

There could be many causes of pain from something as wrong posture; lifting heavy things incorrectly, back muscle or ligament pain or an accident. If treated in time, one can completely recover from it and prevent it from happening in the future. Otherwise, the condition can worsen further and may require a surgery.

How can Physiotherapy help with Lower Back Pain?

lower back painA physiotherapist plays a very important role in the management of and recovery from the lower back pain. Physiotherapy not only focuses on pain relief but also prevention of future occurrences of pain and injuries as well as return to full body function.
Early access to physiotherapy helps cut down significantly the health care cost related to back pain. It helps reduce the cost by less amount of medication usage, visits to a physician, use of advanced imaging and lower number of surgical procedures if required.
According to a survey, physiotherapy helps reduce the number of sick day’s compensation for lower back pain by 43.9 days per person over a three year period due to a faster rate of return to work within the first year.
At Squareone Physio, every day we get patients suffering from back pain ranging from mild to acute and chronic pain. In a typical case, we begin by assessment of the pain followed by diagnosis, exercise prescriptions, back pain education and modalities. We help our patients by creating individualised programs focusing on self-management and health maintenance resulting in positive lifelong lifestyle changes.
It is very important to act early in case of back pain. If you are suffering from one, call us at 905-232-2202 and book an appointment with our experienced team of physiotherapists. You can also book an appointment online.
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