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Physiotherapy: How exercise helps in physio treatment

A skilled, experienced physiotherapist oftentimes takes a comprehensive approach in treating a patient. For example, a physiotherapist is likely to develop a treatment regimen that includes exercise as a component.

Types of Exercises in a Physiotherapy Regimen

pilates- physiotherapy exercisesBecause the treatment needs of each patient varies, a physiotherapist does not take a proverbial cookie cutter approach in the development of a an associated exercise regimen. A variety of factors come into play when it comes to the development of an exercise program as part of an overall treatment plan by a physiotherapist.

Factors that are taken into consideration include the type of injury or condition from which a patient suffers. In addition, a physiotherapist analyzes the capabilities of a patients and his or her physical abilities. In the end, the exercise course is designed to enhance the treatment of the injury or condition and cause a patient additional pain or discomfort.

Failing to Follow an Exercise Component of Treatment

exercise ball- physio exercisesA person being treated by physiotherapist must take the exercise regimen very seriously. No more would an individual stop take prescribed medication on his or her own initiative than should a person fail to start or stop a prescribed exercise regimen in physiotherapy.

Failing to start or stopping an exercise regimen can severely hamper the overall course of treatment and recovery. For example, exercise may be an important element of strengthening structures near an injured area. The failure to strengthen those structures through recommended exercise may not only result in a slowing of the healing and recovery process but could make the underlying condition even worse.

Consult with a Physiotherapist

As is the case with prescribed medication, when a patient has a question about some aspect of an exercise regimen associated with physiotherapy, he or she must schedule a consultation with the physiotherapist. An experienced physiotherapist will be able to address any concerns a patient may have regarding this aspect of treatment. In addition, by engaging in candid communication with a physiotherapist, a patient is best assured to that his or her course of treatment remains on track.