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Overview of Types of Neck Pain and Conditions That Cause or Contribute to Neck Pain

Neck pain is a common problem, complained of by many people from all walks of like. According to the Mayo Clinic, neck pain is classified into two broad categories: acute and chronic. Additionally, neck pain is further classified in regard to the level of pain actually experienced by a particular patient.

Acute Neck Pain

Acute neck pain generally is defined as a condition that lasts for three to six months. In other words, acute neck pain is not persistent. Moreover, acute neck pain ultimately resolves itself without medical or other type of intervention.

Although acute neck pain can resolve on its own over time, intervention through course of treatment like physiotherapy lessen the discomfort associated with acute neck pain. Moreover, physiotherapy many times does reduce the time period within which acute neck pain resolves.

Chronic Neck Pain

Chronic neck pain is a persistent. In other words, it continues indefinitely and will not abate within three to six months.

There are different strategies, procedures and treatments available that lessen the symptoms of chronic neck pain or even eliminate the root cause for the condition. In some cases, people undergo invasive surgeries to address chronic neck pain. On the other hand, many people obtain true and meaningful relief from chronic neck pain through physiotherapy.

Causes of Neck Pain

The reality is that both acute and chronic neck pain can have a variety of underlying causes. In the final analysis, it is crucial for a person suffering from neck pain to seek a consultation with an appropriate professional to ascertain the root cause of the condition. For example, a solid starting point on a course to identify the cause of acute or chronic neck pain is a consultation with an experienced, well trained physiotherapist.


A very common cause of acute and even chronic neck pain is some sort of accident. Motor vehicle collisions many times result in drivers or passengers sustaining an injury that causes neck pain.

Participation in sports and recreational activities are also prime causes of injuries that result in neck pain. Slip and fall accidents are also high on the list of accidents that result in injuries that generate acute and even chronic neck pain.


The fact that disease can be an underlying cause of neck pain underscores the need for a prompt medical consultation. For example, cancer or a tumor can be the actual underlying cause of neck pain in some cases.


Finally, degeneration of ligaments, muscle and joints can be involved in neck pain. Oftentimes, this type of degeneration is a result of the natural aging process.