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Prolapsed Disc? Don’t Suffer the Pain

physiotherapy for Prolapsed DiscThe pain from a prolapsed disc is usually very painful and it is caused when a disc between the vertebrae bulges out of its normal place (commonly called a slipped disc). As a result, it may press on nearby nerves causing even more pain. It may be that coughing or moving may worsen the pain and you may experience pain, tingling or loss of feeling in your arm if the disc is touching a surrounding nerve.

Physiotherapy Treatment for Prolapsed Disc

Patients suffering from a prolapsed disc are almost always referred for physiotherapy, as it is important to keep moving for a speedy recovery. Physiotherapists will use a variety of techniques including manual therapy, massage and acupuncture.

Are you or someone you know suffering from a prolapsed disc? Don’t suffer! Our physiotherapists can help you resume your normal activities. Book an appointment today or call us at 905-232-2202.

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