Prenatal or Pregnancy Massage Therapy

The University of Miami School of Medicine conducted a thorough study on the benefits associated with prenatal massage therapy. The research underscores the reality that pregnancy or prenatal massages have a number of significant positive results for women.

Stress and Anxiety Reduction

A key benefit associated with pregnancy or prenatal massage therapy is stress and anxiety reduction. By its very nature, pregnancy is stressful and often times produces at least some anxiety. Medical evidence also demonstrates a correlation between an anxious mother and a stressed unborn child. The reduction of stress and anxiety through massage benefits not only a soon-to-be mother but her unborn child as well.

Improved Sleep

In addition to reducing stress and anxiety, massage therapy also aids a pregnant woman in sleeping better. One of the recurring complaints expressed by pregnant women is the inability to get a proper night’s sleep. By actually improving sleep, a woman has more energy and an all around more positive attitude. Evidence also suggests that this translates into a healthier unborn baby.

Increased Levels of Serotonin and Dopamine

Pregnancy or prenatal massage therapy is also said to increase the levels of serotonin and dopamine in a woman’s system. These are so-called “feel good” hormones that enhance a woman’s overall sense of wellness during a pregnancy. Conversely, massage therapy is also thought to decrease the level of norepinephrine in a woman’s system, a hormone thought responsible for stress and depression in some cases.

Decreased Back Pain

A nearly universal complaint of pregnant women is back pain. Massage therapy is demonstrated effective at lessening and even eliminating back pain women experience during the course of their pregnancies. In order to more consistently reduce or eliminate back pain outright, she should consider regularly scheduled massage therapy sessions.

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An Enjoyable Experience

In addition to the physiological benefits associated with pregnancy or prenatal massage, an important positive element of this therapy is the very basic and yet highly important fact that it is an enjoyable experience for a pregnant woman. A pregnant woman has a full plate and literally deserves an enjoyable interlude away from her hectic day to day life. Massage therapy provides what pregnant women consistently consider a much needed and very welcome respite.