Shoulder Pain: Cause, exercise and treatment

Shoulder Pain Treatment MississaugaWhat commonly is referred to as a shoulder in fact is a part of the body comprised of a number of joints that combine with various tendons and muscles to permit a person to be able to enjoy a wide range of motion with his or her arm. Shoulder pain can have a tremendous impact on a person’s ability to engage in the essential tasks of day to day living.

Common Causes of Shoulder Pain

Generally speaking, shoulder pain falls into one of four broad categories. These are fracture, instability, tendon inflammation and arthritis. Other less common, but potentially serious causes of shoulder pain include infection, nerve-related problems and tumors.

A fracture typically occurs as the result of a traumatic event, oftentimes a sports or recreational injury. Fractures to shoulders also fairly frequently occur as the result of motor vehicle accidents. Fractures also can occur as the result of some sort of underlying health condition that weakens the component parts of a shoulder. Instability happens when what is called the head of the upper arm bone comes out of the socket (usually as the result of trauma).

Arthritis is a disease that afflicts a significant number of people and can directly impact the shoulder, causing pain. Tendon inflammation can occur as the result of strenuous activity or some type of underlying health condition.

Adverse Consequences When Shoulder Pain is Left Untreated

Shoulder pain — including seemingly milder shoulder pain — cannot be ignored. It is important to bear in mind that shoulder pain is always indicative of some other problem, condition or disease. Failing to seek a professional examination when shoulder pain occurs can lead to an aggravation of an underlying condition and ultimately very serious health consequences.

Mild shoulder pain oftentimes becomes far more severe when professional intervention and treatment does not occur in a timely manner. If the shoulder pain is the result of some sort something very serious like a tumor, a person’s very life can end up at risk in the absence of a timely examination and commencement of appropriate treatment.

Seek a Prompt Consultation

A person suffering from should pain — from mild to more severe — can obtain a professional assessment and appropriate treatment by scheduling a prompt appointment with the physiotherapists at Square One Physio. The professionals at Square One Physio have extensive experience in dealing with pain assessment and management, including that associated with the shoulder.

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