Sports Injury Massage Therapy

Sports injury massage is a popular course of conservative treatment for an injured athlete or recreational enthusiast, according to the National Institutes of Health. In fact, according to the NHI, massage therapy has been utilized as a means of treating injuries since at least 2500 BC, when the course of treatment was introduced in China.
Sports Injury Massage Therapy Mississauga

Sports injury massage is ideally suited to situations in which a person suffers an injury that does not require an invasive treatment, like surgery. An injured individual actually derives a variety of benefits through sports injury massage.

Sports Injury Massage and Pain Reduction

A primary benefit associated with sports injury massage is pain reduction. The fact is that even when a particular sports or recreational injury does not require surgery or some other type of invasive procedure, a person still experiences pain — and often times rather severe pain.

Research reveals that by reducing the level of pain experienced by an injured person, the healing and recovery process enhances and speeds up. For example, when pain is lessened, a person is in a better position to engage in the activities typically recommended by a health care provider as part of an overall injury recovery regimen.

Sports Injury Massage Increases Tissue Permeability

Another of the major benefits associated with sports injury massage centers in an increase in tissue permeability. The theory is that because massage tends to open up pores in tissue membranes, fluids, oxygen and nutrients are able to pass through with greater ease. As a consequence, waste products are more readily eliminated and tissues have better access to necessary fluids, oxygen and nutrients. This enhancement speeds up the injury healing and recovery process.

Sports Injury Massage Breaks Down Scar Tissue

Sports injury massage is also proven effective at assisting in breaking down scar tissue. One of the reasons the sports injury healing process ends up slowing down is the presence of or increase in scar tissue in and around an injury site. Because massage aids in breaking down scar tissue (and even preventing its development in the first instance), an injured individual finds his or her self on a quicker course of recovery.