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Benefits of Pre-natal Massage Therapy

prenatal_massage_therapy_mississaugaThe miracle of life is a stressful time for an expecting mother. There is no denying that a pregnant woman's body is under a lot of physical and hormonal stress. While pills and extra doctor visits can help with these problems, alternative options do exist. Pre-natal massage therapy is one way to ease the stresses of pregnancy and make life easier with several beneficial effects.

The most common benefit from any form of massage therapy is relief from joint pain and muscle aches. Pre-natal massage targets areas that have increased strain due to body changes during pregnancy, which include the legs, back, hips, and neck. Massaging these areas reduces the aches and pains expectant mothers commonly cope with. The therapy also helps prevent several conditions that can occur such as leg cramps, sciatica, headaches, and more. All of this can keep your body in top condition and make delivery more manageable. While it's not a high priority, maintaining posture also becomes easier because the muscles are strengthened in the process of reducing pain.

A mother's blood volume increases dramatically during pregnancy. Pre-natal massage can help improve circulation, one of the reasons massage relieves muscle pain. This also reduces the extra strain placed on the heart during pregnancy and reduces blood pressure. The stimulation results in an improved ability to flush out toxins and deliver necessary nutrients to both mother and child. The immune system is also boosted by the increased blood flow. All of these ensure both mother and child remain healthy and strong.

Pre-natal massage also has less visible mental health benefits. Massage can fix hormone imbalances by triggering the release of serotonin and dopamine and reducing hormones tied to stress. This corrected balance makes it easier to fall asleep and stay asleep and improves overall mood, as well as helping prevent issues like depression or anxiety commonly caused by changing hormones during pregnancy.

Signing up for pre-natal massage therapy may not cure all your problems, but these simple benefits can be a great help when coping with the stresses of pregnancy. It's an effective therapy option worth considering. Book an appointment today with Square One Physio massage therapists today.