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Postnatal massage and its benefits


What is a postnatal massage?

A postnatal massage is a full body massage given to a new mother to help her recover post delivery. After the delivery, a mother’s body goes through a lot of changes. During the first few weeks, the internal scars begin to heal at the site within the uterus where the placenta was attached. This is a gradual process which often results in a mother experiencing mild to severe cramps. Body aches, fatigue and anxiety are common from running around taking care of the baby and adjusting to the new life after the birth.

This is where the postnatal massage help which are given by experienced masseuses for about 40 days post childbirth. It covers your entire body starting from your feet and all the way up to your head. Massage helps you to relax, reduces stress and improves breastfeeding along with other health benefits.

What are the benefits of postnatal massage?

Postnatal massage is a great traditional practice that has been known to be effective for quicker recovery and better health for new mums. There are various benefits attached to this-

Healing from internal wounds

Childbirth can be taxing on a mother’s body. Massage helps in recovering from the sore spots and muscle tensions. It also helps recover from the after effects of a C-section, however, during the initial sessions, the experienced masseuse avoids putting much pressure on the abdomen area. Massage helps in regulating fluid flow in the body. It enhances the lymph circulation and eliminates excessive fluids and waste products.

Increases flow of blood and oxygen to the muscles and eliminate the toxins in the body.

Helps relax

Massage helps release endorphins, body’s natural pain killers and also feel good hormones in the body. It lowers the stress hormones and helps fight anxiety and depression better. According to a study, more than 60% of new mother experience from temporary depression post birth and about 10-15% from serious depression.  A good massage of the lower legs, feet, arms, shoulder and back followed by a head massage have a great soothing effect. An experienced masseuse helps the mother to relax and cope better with the transition to motherhood.

Improves sleep

A new mother undergoes a lot of fatigue post birth and taking care of her new child. The fatigue is more pronounced during the early days of motherhood when she is still adjusting to the changes in her life. The fatigue affects the sleeping habits of the mother. Massage plays a very important role in easing fatigue and thus aiding in better sleep.

Enhances breastfeeding

Massage helps in releasing oxytocin in the body which helps regulate prolactin levels, a lactation hormone. Gentle massage of the chest muscles helps open the blocked ducts, loosen clumps or hardened areas, increases circulation and milk production. Also, it helps relieve breast pain and improves newborn suckling.

When to start with the postnatal massage?

Generally one should begin with the massage session when she feels comfortable. However, it is advised to consult your doctor before you begin. If you had a C-section which is a major surgery, it is advised to let your wounds heal before you begin. It should generally take about a week or two, but your doctor is the one whose advice you should heed to before beginning.

At Squareone Physio, we have an experienced team of therapists who specialize in postnatal massage. If you are a new mother who have just given birth and needs help with massage, please call us on 905-232-2202 to book an appointment or you can also book it online here.