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Research shows Physiotherapy can replace surgery in non-traumatic rotator cuff tears

Rotator cuff tears treatment with physiotherapyNon-traumatic rotator cuff tears and physical therapy

A research study reported in the professional publication, Bone and Joint Journal, reveals that physiotherapy appears to be as effective as surgery in the treatment of non-traumatic rotator cuff tears. Even though in more recent times rotator cuff tears have required only minimally invasive arthroscopic surgery as opposed to traditional open surgical repair, a patient is far better served being able to avoid any type of surgical procedure all together.

Non-Traumatic Rotator Cuff Tear Defined

A non-traumatic rotator cuff tear occurs as the result of what best can be described as wear and tear. Rather than caused by some sort of accident (a traumatic rotator cuff tear), this type of damage happens over time. It is more common in older people than in younger individuals.

How a Non-Traumatic Rotator Cuff Tear Occurs

A non-traumatic rotator cuff tear can occur as the result of the aging process. It can occur when an individual exercises on a regular basis, increasing the level of wear and tear on the rotator cuff.

Physiotherapy to Treat a Non-Traumatic Rotator Cuff Tear

Physiotherapy designed to treat a non-traumatic rotator cuff tear includes a number of different components. These are stretching regimens as well as exercise routines that are targeted at the posterior, inferior and anterior areas of a patient's shoulder. The specific focus depends on factors that include the extent of the tear itself as well as the age and overall physical condition of the patient.

The primary objectives associated with physiotherapy to treat this type of rotator cuff damage is to restore a full range of motion for a patient as well as to eliminate the pain that typically is associated with this type of injury. In many cases, when physiotherapy is utilized as the course of treatment for a torn rotator cuff, a patient begins to see a relief in pain as well as a noticeable increase in his or her range of motion within a matter of days after the treatment regimen commences.
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