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Suffering from Shin splints (pain)? Here’s how to get relief quickly

Let's say you recently planned to start running to keep a tab on your weight. You are cruising along fine when suddenly you get this excruciating pain in your shin area. It's debilitating and you cannot even walk let alone run. Chances are you are suffering from Shin splints!

What is a Shin Splint?

Shin splint or shin pain is caused when one takes up a strenuous activity suddenly from little or no activity lifestyle. It can also happen when one tries to up the game and undertake a strenuous set or activity as compared to earlier levels to push themselves. This pain is generally caused on the inside of your shin.

What causes shin splints?

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Let's take a look at your leg. Your leg is made up of 3 bones- Femur (thigh bone), Fibula and tibia (shin bone). Tibia and fibula together make up your leg beneath the knee joint. The Shin muscles which are attached to the inner side of the tibia are known as posterior tibialis. These are for the most part responsible for controlling your foot position during walking and running. These are generally under a lot of stress and during strenuous overuse; the tendons attached to them get inflamed. The pain is caused due to this inflammation of the tendons of the posterior tibialis.

Sometimes, it is also caused due to incorrect ankle movement. Some people have high feet arches and some have low. So before beginning a routine like jogging or running, always consult a trainer or a physiotherapist on correct ankle mechanics. Proper footwear helps in reducing the chances of shin splints

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What to do if you suffer from Shin Splint?

Below are the few things that I recommend to my patients suffering from shin pain-

  • Rest- Avoid any activity for 3-4 days till the pain subsides. Reducing the amount of activity which caused the pain in the first place also helps. You can gradually increase it later.
  • Ice- Ice the shin area 3-4 times a day. Depending upon the severity, your physiotherapist will advise you for much time you need to ice the area.
  • Massage- Deep tissue massage can work wonders to relieve the pain and build up muscle strength. It is advisable to wait for some time after the injury before you begin with massage.
  • Muscles strengthening- Strengthening the muscles will help in avoidance of future occurrence of the problem. Below are some muscle strengthening exercises that you can do at home.
  • Consult a physiotherapist- An experienced physiotherapist can examine the injury and understand the underlying cause of it. It could be caused by the incorrect ankle movement when you walk or run. By analyzing it and using proper arch support for your type of feet, the future injury occurrences can be minimized.


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Always remember that knowing the problem and its causes can go a long way in recovering quickly. If you are suffering from shin pain, feel free to book an appointment with us by calling at 905-232-2202.You can also fill our online form here. We have an experienced team of physiotherapists who can not only help you recover quickly but also help prevent future occurrences. We have been present in Mississauga for over 14 years now and are conveniently located in the Square One area.