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Physiotherapy as an Effective Treatment for Shoulder Arthritis

One of the most painful and debilitating types of arthritis is that which impacts the shoulder. The reality is that a considerable number of individuals who are afflicted with shoulder arthritis end up being partially or even significantly debilitated as a result. In a remarkably large number of instances, the pain associated with shoulder arthritis is so profound and persistent that it impacts a person around the clock.


Causes of Shoulder Arthritis

Another important fact associated with shoulder arthritis is that it is not a particularly common type of arthritis. (Nevertheless, when a person ends up with this type of arthritis, the inflammation, pain and ultimate level of debilitation can be significant.)

In the vast majority of cases, the development of shoulder arthritis can be traced back to an injury or traumatic event at that location of the body, typically many years earlier.

Physiotherapy as an Effective Treatment for Shoulder Arthritis

In this day and age, a person diagnosed with shoulder arthritis has alternative treatment options available. In today's world, a person with shoulder arthritis is not left to suffer or to undergo some sort of highly invasive procedure. Rather, when a diagnosis of shoulder arthritis is made, an individual needs to look to physiotherapy as an effective, non-invasive means of addressing the condition.

Physiotherapy is demonstrated effective at lessening the symptoms associated with shoulder arthritis. This includes reducing inflammation and lessening the level of pain associated with the condition. In addition, physiotherapy works to improve and enhance an individual's range of movement in the aftermath of a diagnosis of shoulder arthritis.

Physiotherapy designed to address shoulder arthritis includes a comprehensive array of professionally directed treatments and exercises. These include stretching and strength training exercises.

Maximum results are achieved when a person diagnosed with shoulder arthritis begins a course of physiotherapy promptly. As is the case with some many different types of diseases, ailments and conditions, the earlier a reliable course of treatment commences, the better the results of the patient in both the short and the long term.

As an aside, because shoulder arthritis typically results from a previous traumatic injury, seeking physiotherapy after such an injury is advisable. By addressing the aftermath of a traumatic injury to the shoulder, a person is in a better position of potentially avoiding the development of shoulder arthritis at a later juncture in life.

If you are having shoulder arthritis or shoulder pain, talk to our specialists today. Our experienced and registered physiotherapists will help you get freedom from pain.