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Things to do before and after your massage session

Massage therapy is a proven therapy which aids the human body in many ways- improves blood and fluid circulation, relieves from body aches, muscle pain, relaxes muscles, help relieve from stress and fatigue and promote overall health benefits.

Often times patients walking into my clinic ask me how to prepare themselves for the massage session and what to do after going back home. So I have decided to write this article highlighting important aspects and things to do before and after a massage session.


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Things to do before massage session

  • Take a shower or if on scarce time, use a moist cloth to wipe your underarms
  • If having any open wounds cover them before the session and do inform your therapist in advance.
  • It's better to have a light snack an hour before the session. Never go to the session on an empty stomach as massage stimulates the body’s digestive system due to which you might feel hungry after the session. Also, the relaxing effect of massage lowers the blood sugar level.
  • Bring along a bottle of water and some light snack.
  • Wear comfortable clothes during the session. After the session is over, you would really appreciate loose, comfy clothing!

Things to do during the session

  • Talk to your therapist about what you intend to take out of the session. Whether it’s general relaxation or pain relief from an injury.
  • Do inform the clinic staff as well as your therapist about any open wound, cuts, or injury areas which need to be taken care of.
  • During the massage session, you would need to undress in order for the therapist to massage your body. Undress as much as you feel comfortable with. Do remember, massage’s benefits are best when the flow of massage is unhindered.
  • You might feel drowsy and sleepy during the session. It is normal to feel this way as your body relaxes and your brain releases relaxing hormones. However, try not to go to sleep during the entire session as then you would enjoy the therapeutic benefits of massage.


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Things to do after the session

  • Try not to get up quickly. Take your time. At this point, if the session went well, you would be feeling a little light-headed.
  • Get up slowly from the massage table. Talk to your therapist how are you feeling. Indicate what went well and what didn’t. You should give honest feedback about the session. This helps the future sessions to be beneficial
  • Try scheduling the next session. As you would know, massage therapy works best over time and not after just one session.
  • After dressing up, drink some water. Generally, after the session your body gets dehydrated. Also, it will help to flush out lactic acid build up in the muscles which make them sore. Water also helps in relieving muscle pain if any associated with the massage session.
  • As massage stimulates your digestive system, you would feel hungry after it. Also, your blood sugar level tends to drop during the session. Having a light snack will help satiate the hunger as well as restores the blood sugar level.
  • You should avoid alcohol and caffeine after your massage session.
  • Also do not perform any rigorous exercise after the session. Just go home and relax. Try to go to bed early to take a good night’s sleep!

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