Areas of Injury

Regardless of your type of injury, or the injury recovery needed, the professionals at SquareOne Physiotherapy can help. We can address motor vehicle accident treatment, treatment for brain injury recovery, treatment for a traumatic brain injury, accident injury treatment, back injury treatment, spinal cord injury treatment, and spine injury treatment. Areas of injury will vary but most commonly include the back, neck, spine, and joints such as knees and wrists. The type of treatment we recommend will depend on the area of injury as well as the reason behind the pain. For example, pain can be caused by repetitive motion or something more severe such as a motor vehicle accident.

Recovery time will also vary depending on the areas of injury. Traumatic brain injury recovery may be longer and more involved than the recovery time for sciatica pain. Regardless of your area of injury or recovery time, your therapist will be with you every step of the way. Your personalized treatment plan will be determined at your first visit. SquareOne is not a cookie-cutter therapy establishment. We will customize your own treatment plan according to your area of injury and its cause. Some therapies may consist solely of massage therapy or orthotics. Others may require something more intense such as spinal decompression or acupuncture. No matter what the procedure, the ultimate goal is to have you pain-free as soon as possible.

If you have suffered an injury, regardless of the area, and have pain as a result, we can help. Once you walk in our door, your personal therapist will design a treatment plan especially for you. Even if you do not have a doctor’s referral or have a limited insurance plan, we can help. Our office is even open in the evening and on the weekends to accommodate your schedule. Whatever your physiotherapy needs, the experts at SquareOne are there to address them.